CygWin Tips and Tricks

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Just miscellaneous stuff related to cygwin.

How to create a shortcut in cygwin environment for easy package upgrade setup access:

$ echo "run.exe /cygdrive/c/LOCATION/TO/THE/INSTALLATION/setup-x86_64.exe -B" > ~/cygupdate
$ chmod +x ~/cygupdate

Now each time you want to install/uninstall cygwin packages, you just execute the following and the setup window will magically popup:
$ ~/cygupdate

Xchat gave the following error while compiling: "error: #error "Only <glib.h> can be included directly."

This is not related to cygwin and you can see this error in many new linux distributions. Xchat's latest release was in 2010 and some thing have been changed since.
In order to fix this error, you need to execute this command in the xchat's source directory:
$ sed -i 's|<glib/.*\.h>|<glib.h>|' src/common/{servlist.c,text.c,util.c,xchat.h}

How to list windows and Cygwin processes with ps:

Note: a windows process starts with C:\
$ ps -W

How to list Windows processes:

$ tasklist

Thou shalt not steal!

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