VIOS Commands

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These are just some hints. For more details please consult the manual.

How to get the VIOS level:

padmin@vio~$ ioscli ioslevel

How to configure new devices (the equivalent of cfgmgr under root):

padmin@vio~$ cfgdev

How to list the unmapped disks:

padmin@vio~$ lspv -free

How to list adapter id:

padmin@vio~$ lsmap -all|grep 102

How to list vio adapter devices:

padmin@vio~$ lsmap -vadapter vhost2

How to remove a virtual device:

padmin@vio~$ rmvdev -vtd vroota10_02

How to remove vio device:

padmin@vio~$ rmdev -dev vhost2

How to become root:

padmin@vio~$ oem_setup_env

How to list hdisks attached to vio (run the command as root):

root@vio~# mpio_get_config -Av

How to create virtual optical adapter:

padmin@vio~$ mkvdev -fbo -vadapter vhost17 -dev vcdrom_a06

How to create a disk backing device by specifying a name:

padmin@vio~$ mkvdev -vdev hdisk30 -vadapter vhost17 -dev server_size_number

How to list repository (installation media, for example):

padmin@vio~$ lsrep

How to load virtual optical media disk:

padmin@vio~$ loadopt -disk aix61_0102_dvd -vtd vcdrom_a06

How to check the priority and status of SEA:

padmin@vio~$ entstat -all entX | grep Priority

[NPIV] How to check the vfchost adapter slot number and status:

padmin@vio~$ lsmap -all -npiv

[NPIV] How to list the ports that are capable of N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV-capable ports):

If the fabric attribute is set to 1 it means the adapter and the SAN switch are NPIV ready.
padmin@vio~$ lsnports

[NPIV] How map virtual fiber channel server adapter to the physical fc adapter fcs0:

padmin@vio~$ vfcmap -vadapter vfchost0 -fcp fcs0

Wondering what AIX commands a padmin command runs?

padmin@vio~$ [color=green]export CLI_DEBUG=33[/color]
padmin@vio~$ lsmap -vadapter vhost0
AIX: "lsdev -c adapter -t IBM,v-scsi-host -s vdevice -F "name" | wc -l -c"
AIX: "lsdev -c adapter -t IBM,v-scsi-host -s vdevice -F "name""
AIX: "lsdev -C -l vhost0 -F "physloc""
AIX: "lsdev -p vhost0 -F "name" | wc -l -c"
AIX: "lsdev -p vhost0 -F "name""
SVSA            Physloc                                      Client Partition ID
--------------- -------------------------------------------- ------------------
vhost0          U9117.MMA.06EXXXX-V2-C20                     0x00000003

VTD                   ty7a0208_32G_01
Status                Available
LUN                   0x8100000000000000
Backing device        hdisk4
Physloc               U789D.001.DQD04X0-P1-C1-T1-W000000000110AE0F-L2000000000000
Mirrored              false

You cannot redirect stuff into a file due to padmin restrictions but you can use vi if you want to write a script or something. By the way, $HOME is in PATH. Take a look:

$ pwd
$ echo "echo hello" >bah 
rksh: bah: 0403-019 The operation is not allowed in a restricted shell.
$ vi bah
$ chmod 755 bah
$ /home/padmin/bah
rksh: /home/padmin/bah: 0403-019 The operation is not allowed in a restricted shell.
$ ./bah
rksh: ./bah: 0403-019 The operation is not allowed in a restricted shell.
$ bah

How to run vio command as root (NOT RECOMMENDED):

# /usr/ios/cli/ioscli lsmap -all

How to apply IOS fixes (Put the IOS fixes somewhere (e.g. /home/iosfixes), then run:

# updateios -dev /home/iosfixes -accept

How to reset VIO password from hmc with the command viosvrcmd, read here.

How to do a backup image of VIO:

# backupios -file vio1_backup_image.sysb -mksysb

Thou shalt not steal!

If you want to use this information on your own website, please remember: by doing copy/paste entirely it is always stealing and you should be ashamed of yourself! Have at least the decency to create your own text and comments and run the commands on your own servers and provide your output, not what I did!

Or at least link back to this website.