NIM crash 888-102-700-0c5

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NIM crash 888-102-700-0c5

If you get this error code 888 102 700 0c5 on HMC when you want to boot from NIM, you should consider looking in some places.

It could simply be a problem with /etc/exports on NIM master. There should be 644 permission on it.
Anyway, even if /etc/exports permissions are correct, do the following steps:

1. Reset the nim client:

root@nim~# nim -Fo reset <client>
root@nim~# nim -o deallocate -a subclass=all <client>

2. Remove unwanted entries from /etc/exports.

3. Retry the NIM install with smit nim_bosinst.

If you still get that error, you could also cleanup and restart NFS daemons:

root@nim~# stopsrc -g nfs
root@nim~# cd /etc
root@nim~# rm -rf sm sm.bak state rmtab xtab
root@nim~# startsrc -g nfs
root@nim~# exportfs -va

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