How to Clone Rootvg Disk for a New Partition, With Alternate Disk Installation

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If your network is not fully set up and your NIM is on different network or squadron, you can clone an existing disk from an existing and running lpar.

For this you can use the alt_disk_install command but with the help of -O option, to remove any references in the ODM and /dev entries from the existing system. The -O flag "tells" alt_disk_install to call devreset command, which resets all custom configuration. The cloned disk can be assigned to another lpar and system booted as if it were a newly installed system.

Please find below an example of such scenario:

1. Boot the managed system as a Full System Partition so you have access to all the disks in the managed system.

2. Configure the system and install the necessary applications.

3. Run the alt_disk_install command to begin cloning the rootvg from hdisk0 to hdisk69. The cloned disk (hdisk69) will be assigned to altinst_rootvg VG by default.

# /usr/sbin/alt_disk_install -O -B -C hdisk69

4. Rename the cloned VG (hdisk69) to alt1, so you can repeat the operation with another disk.

# /usr/sbin/alt_disk_install -v alt1 hdisk69

5. Run the alt_disk_install command again to clone to another disk and rename the cloned disk, as follows:

# /usr/sbin/alt_disk_install -O -B -C hdisk10
# /usr/sbin/alt_disk_install -v alt2 hdisk10

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for all of the disks that you want to clone.

7. Once you have all needed disks, use the HMC to partition the managed system (squadron) with the newly cloned disks. Each partition you create will now have a rootvg with a boot image.

8. Boot the partition into SMS mode. Use the SMS MultiBoot menu to configure the first boot device to be the newly installed disk. Exit the SMS menus and boot the system.

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