HACMP snmp configuration for clstat and clinfo

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How to modify snmp configuration for HACMP clstat and clinfo to work:

root@aix~/ # grep -v ^# /etc/snmpd.conf

logging file=/usr/tmp/snmpd.log enabled
logging size=100000 level=0

view 1.17.2 system enterprises view

trap hacmp 1.2.3 fe # loopback

smux gated_password # gated
smux dpid_password #dpid

snmpd smuxtimeout=200 #muxatmd
smux muxatmd_password #muxatmd

smux      clsmuxpd_password # HACMP/ES for AIX clsmuxpd
root@aix~/ # grep -v ^# /etc/snmpdv3.conf
VACM_GROUP group1 SNMPv1  hacmp  -

VACM_VIEW defaultView        internet                   - included -

VACM_VIEW defaultView        snmpModules                - excluded -
VACM_VIEW defaultView          - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView          - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView - included -

VACM_VIEW defaultView        - excluded -

VACM_ACCESS  group1 - - noAuthNoPriv SNMPv1  defaultView - defaultView -

NOTIFY notify1 traptag trap -

TARGET_ADDRESS Target1 UDP       traptag trapparms1 - - -

TARGET_PARAMETERS trapparms1 SNMPv1  SNMPv1  hacmp  noAuthNoPriv -

COMMUNITY hacmp    hacmp     noAuthNoPriv         -

DEFAULT_SECURITY no-access - -

logging         file=/usr/tmp/snmpdv3.log       enabled
logging         size=100000                     level=0

smux gated_password
smux clsmuxpd_password

After the modifications, the following commands were applied:

root@aix~/ # stopsrc -s clinfoES

root@aix~/ # ps -ef|grep clinfo <- kill clinfo pid if the above command is hanging

root@aix~/ # stopsrc -s hostmibd

root@aix~/ # stopsrc -s snmpmibd

root@aix~/ # stopsrc -s aixmibd

root@aix~/ # stopsrc -s snmpd

root@aix~/ # sleep 4

root@aix~/ # chssys -s hostmibd -a "-c hacmp"

root@aix~/ # chssys -s aixmibd -a "-c hacmp"

root@aix~/ # chssys -s snmpmibd -a "-c hacmp"

root@aix~/ # chssys -s snmpd -a "-c hacmp"

root@aix~/ # sleep 4

root@aix~/ # refresh -s clstrmgrES

root@aix~/ # sleep 4

root@aix~/ # startsrc -s snmpd

root@aix~/ # startsrc -s aixmibd

root@aix~/ # startsrc -s snmpmibd

root@aix~/ # startsrc -s hostmibd

root@aix~/ # sleep 120

root@aix~/ # snmpinfo -m dump -v -c hacmp -h localhost -o /usr/sbin/cluster/hacmp.defs <- you should see some output - if not, do refresh -s clstrmgrES again

root@aix~/ # snmpinfo -m dump -v -c hacmp -h localhost -o /usr/sbin/cluster/hacmp.defs cluster <- you should see some output - if not, do refresh -s clstrmgrES again

root@aix~/ # startsrc -s clinfoES

root@aix~/ # clshowsrv -v

Thou shalt not steal!

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