How to create nim master

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Run SMIT and follow this path:

root@gzaix~# smit nim

-> Configure the NIM Environment -> Advanced Configuration -> Initialize the NIM Master Only
[Entry Fields]
* Network Name                                       [nim_hostname]
* Primary Network Install Interface                  [enX]                   +

  Allow Machines to Register Themselves as Clients?  [yes]                   +
  Alternate Port Numbers for Network Communications
       (reserved values will be used if left blank)
    Client Registration                              []                      #
    Client Communications                            []                      #

After that you will have a brand new nim configuration file (/etc/niminfo).

root@gzaix~# cat /etc/niminfo
# nimconfig
export NIM_NAME=master
export NIM_MASTER_PORT=1058
export NIM_MASTER_HOSTNAME=nim_hostname

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