How to associate /dev/dm- device with the LVM logical volume

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The devices dm-* from /dev are LVM logical "devices" but sometimes is hard to see which logical volume is associated with the device.
Fortunately the magic of shell can help out.

core:~# lvdisplay|awk  '/LV Name/{n=$3} /Block device/{d=$3; sub(".*:","dm-",d); print d,n;}'
dm-1 /dev/datavg/mylv
dm-2 /dev/datavg/weblv
dm-4 /dev/datavg/ftplv
dm-5 /dev/datavg/blahlv
dm-7 /dev/datavg/backups
dm-8 /dev/rootvg/homelv
dm-0 /dev/rootvg/slashlv
dm-9 /dev/rootvg/tmplv
dm-10 /dev/rootvg/usrlv
dm-11 /dev/rootvg/varlv
dm-12 /dev/rootvg/srclv
dm-14 /dev/rootvg/swap0
dm-15 /dev/rootvg/fileslv

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