AIX Backup commands

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How to create and system backup (-X expands /tmp if required):

# mksysb -i -X /dev/rmt0

How to create file with map file and system backup:

# mksysb -m /dev/rmt0

How to create system data but excludes the files listed in /etc/exclude.rootvg:

# mksysb -e /dev/rmt0

An example of mksysb creation:

[gznim:root:/:] mksysb -eiX /export/mksysb/gznim.mksysb

Creating information file (/ for rootvg.

Creating list of files to back up 
Backing up 162412 files..............................
49263 of 162412 files backed up (30%)..............................
92157 of 162412 files backed up (56%)..............................
162398 of 162412 files backed up (99%)

162412 of 162412 files backed up (100%)
0512-038 mksysb: Backup Completed Successfully.

How to create / file:

# mkszfile

How to create system boot backup to the CD-R device /dev/cd1:

# mkcd -d /dev/cd1

How to create backup of vg vg00 to CD-R device /dev/cd1:

# mkcd -d /dev/cd1 -v vg00

How to create generic boot backup:

# mkcd -d /dev/cd1 -G

How to create image file and backup vg vg00:

# savevg -i -f /dev/rmt0 vg00

How to create vg00 backup but excludes files listed in the /etc/exclude.vg00:

# savevg -ef /dev/rmt0 vg00

How to backup entire system to rmt0:

# find / -print | backup -ivf /dev/rmt0

How to backup /home directory to rmt0 with backup level 0:

# backup -0vf /dev/rmt0 /home

How to list the archive in rmt0:

# restore -Tvf /dev/rmt0

How to restore /home from archive in device rmt0:

# restore -xvf /dev/rmt0 /home

How to restore particular file from /export/mksysb image:

# restore –xvf /export/mksysb ./etc/sshd.conf

How to archive /home directory with cpio:

# find ./home -print |cpio -ocvumB > /dev/rmt0

How to create an archive of /home directory:

# tar cvf /tmp/home.tar /home

How to restore cpio archive from rmt0:

# cpio -icvdumB < /dev/rmt0

How to list the contents of cpio archive from rmt0:

# cpio -ivt < /dev/rmt0

How to restore /home directory from rmt0:

# cpio -icvd < /dev/rmt0 /home

How to archive /home to rmt0 device:

# tar -cvf /dev/rmt0 /home

How to list the archives in rmt0:

# tar -tvf /dev/rmt0

How to extract /home from rmt0:

# tar -xvf /dev/rmt0 /home

How to convert and copy ascii file si to ebcdic si1:

# dd if=si of=si1 conv=ebcdic

How to copy blocks from rmt0 with 512 blocks to rmt1 with 1024 blocks:

# dd if=/dev/rmt0 ibs=512 obs=1024 of=/dev/rmt1

How to rewind a tape:

# tctl -f /dev/rmt0 rewind

How to eject a tape:

# tctl -f /dev/rmt0 offline

How to show the status of a tape:

# tctl -f /dev/rmt0 status

How to change the block size of the tape to 512:

# chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=512

How to restore a file from mksysb:

# listvgbackup -f /path/to/mksysb.image -r ./etc/file

How to list information about mksysb image like AIX level, filesystems, backup date, etc.:

# lsmksysb -lf mksysb_image

[gznim:root:/export/mksysb:] lsmksysb -lf gzbackup.sysb
VOLUME GROUP:           rootvg
BACKUP DATE/TIME:       Mon Jan 12 10:02:06 CET 2015
UNAME INFO:             AIX gzaix 1 7 00C402FE4C00
BACKUP SIZE (MB):       56448
SHRINK SIZE (MB):       25569
VG DATA ONLY:           no

LV NAME             TYPE       LPs     PPs     PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
hd5                 boot       1       2       2    closed/syncd  N/A
hd6                 paging     128     256     2    open/syncd    N/A
hd8                 jfs2log    1       2       2    open/syncd    N/A
hd4                 jfs2       6       12      2    open/syncd    /
hd2                 jfs2       83      166     2    open/syncd    /usr
hd9var              jfs2       20      40      2    open/syncd    /var
hd3                 jfs2       80      160     2    open/syncd    /tmp
hd1                 jfs2       4       8       2    open/syncd    /home
hd10opt             jfs2       10      20      2    open/syncd    /opt
hd11admin           jfs2       2       4       2    open/syncd    /admin
livedump            jfs2       4       8       2    open/syncd    /var/adm/ras/livedump
lv_pridump          sysdump    8       8       1    open/syncd    N/A
lv_auditlog         jfs2       16      32      2    open/syncd    /var/log/eprise
lvrepcore           jfs2       16      32      2    open/syncd    /rep_core
lvsyslog            jfs2       16      32      2    open/syncd    /var/log/archives
lvtad4d             jfs2       4       8       2    open/syncd    /var/itlm
lvexploit           jfs2       8       16      2    open/syncd    /exploit
lvsecdump           sysdump    8       8       1    open/syncd    N/A

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