AIX User commands

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To list all system identifications for current user:

To list the default group for current user:
#id -gn

To list all system groups for current user:
#id -Gn

To list the attribute of user root:
#lsuser root

To list the attributes of all users:
#lsuser ALL

To list the home directory of all users:
#lsuser -a HOME ALL

To list all usernames:
#lsuser -a ALL

To list the authentication method for all users:
#lsuser -a auth1 auth2 ALL

To list expiry date:
#lsuser -a expires ALL

To check account lock status of all users:
#lsuser -a account_locked ALL

To enable the user gzadmin:
#chuser -a login=true gzadmin

Enable gzadmin to login remotely:
#chuser -a rlogin=true gzadmin

Creates user lame with default values in /usr/lib/security/mkuser.defalault:
#mkuser lame

Create user lame without su facility:
#mkuser su=false lame

To remove user lame:
#rmuser lame

To remove user lame and his all attributes:
#rmuser -p lame

List users with tty nos and ip numbers:

Lists history of login logout system startup and shutdowns:
#who /var/adm/wtmp

To list the run level:
#who -r

To list the current user:
#who am i /who -m

To create the group lamers:
#mkgroup lamers

To add users l1 l2 and l3 to lamers group:
#chgroup users=l1,l2,l3 lamers

To delete the group lamers:
#rmgroup lamers

To change the authentication methods:

To change the unsuccessful login count:
#chuser unsuccessful_login_count=0 lame

To verify user:
#usrck -n lame

To change lame's password (you can easily do this also via ssh if it's needed):
#echo "lame:new_password" | chpasswd -c

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