AIX Print commands

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To display the default queue:
#qchk -q

To display the status of the printer lp69:
#qchk -P lp69

To display the status of job number 969:
#qchk -# 969

To display the status of all queues:
#qchk -A

To cancel the print job 969:
#qcan -x 969

To cancel all jobs submitted to lp69:
#qcan -X -P lp69

To change the priority of the job to 50:
#qpri -#570 -a 50

To hold the job 969:
#qhld # 969

To remove holding from 969:
#qhld -r -#969

To move the job 30 to queue lpa:
#qmov -m lpa -#30

To enable queue blah:
#enable blah

To disable queue blah:
#disable blah

To cancel job 969:
#cancel -#969

To display the status all queues:

To display the status of print queue lp69:
#lpstat -p lp69

To display the jobs submitted by user root:
#lpstat -u root

To display the status of queue lp69:
#lpq -P lp69

How to add lp69 as remote standard processing printer, custom backend entry:
#/usr/sbin/piomisc_base mkpq_other -q'lp69' -d '' -b'/usr/lib/lpd/rembak' -u'TRUE' -h'lp69' -r'remotelp69'

How to add lp69 as remote bsd printer queue:
#/usr/lib/lpd/pio/etc/piomisc_ext mkpq_remote_ext -q 'lp69' -h '' -r 'remotelp69' -t 'bsd' -C 'FALSE'

How to add lp69 as remote ascii jetdirect printer:
#/usr/lib/lpd/pio/etc/piomkjetd mkpq_jetdirect -p 'generic' -D asc -q lp69 -h -x '9100'

Special actions to do in UNIX to avoid blank page:
The host printer set up in unix, have to be changed at the _Z attribute.
Attribute _Z=! is the correct value
The path to the configuration is:
SMIT -> devices -> printer plotter -> print spooling -> programming tools -> change/show printer attribute database (virtual printers)
In this area, changed the "_Z" parameter as described below. The attribute "_Z" should have the value "!".
Example of how to do this with a simple command (see before, modify, see after):

/usr/sbin/lsvirprt -q lp69 -d 'hp@'lp69 -a _Z
/usr/sbin/chvirprt -q lp69 -d 'hp@'lp69 -a _Z=!
/usr/sbin/lsvirprt -q lp69 -d 'hp@'lp69 -a _Z

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