AIX LV Commands

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How to display info about LV by PV:

#lslv -l lv007

How to display LV allocation map for hdisk69:

#lslv -p hdisk69

How to change the lv007 to copy type:

#chlv -t copy lv007

How to change the lv007 to readonly mode:

#chlv -p r lv007

How to remove leet_lv:

#rmlv leet_lv

How to remove leet_lv without user intervention:

#rmlv -f leet_lv

How to make LV leet_lv with three copies on hdisk69:

#mklv -s n -c 3 leet_lv hdisk69

How to extend the LV leet_lv with 10 LPs:

#extendlv leet_lv 10

How to mirror LV leet_lv on same PV with 2 copies:

#mklvcopy -s n leet_lv 2 hdisk69

How to mirror LV leet_lv on PV hdisk69 and hdisk96 with 3 copies:

#mklvcopy leet_lv 3 hdisk69 hdisk96

How to remove one copy of LV leet_lv from hdisk69:

#rmlvcopy leet_lv 2 hdisk69

How to create a jfslog with name log007 on VG newvg with 4 LPs:

#mklv -t jfslog -y log007 newvg 4

How to format jfslog volume log007:

#logform /dev/log007

How to synchronize logical volume control block:


How to display the information held in the LVCB (Logical Volume Control Block) of logical volume:

# getlvcb -TA hd2 
intrapolicy = c
copies = 1
interpolicy = m
lvid = 00011187ca9acd3a.7
lvname = hd2
label = /usr
machine id = 111873000
number lps = 72
relocatable = y
strict = y
type = jfs
upperbound = 32
fs = log=/dev/hd8:mount=automatic:type=bootfs:vol=/usr:free=false
time created  = Tue Jul 27 13:38:45 1993
time modified = Tue Jul 27 10:58:14 1993

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