AIX Page Space Commands

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To list out all paging spaces:
#lsps -a

To display the details of the paging space hd6:
#lsps hd6

To turn on the paging space paging69:
#chps -a y paging69

To turn off the paging space paging69:
#chps -a n paging69

To increase the size of the paging space in 6 LP blocks:
#chps -s6 paging69

To create a paging space on VG pagevg of 6 LP size (-s6) and activate it immediately (-n) and activate it at every restarts:
#mkps -a -n -s6 pagevg

To remove the paging space paging69:
#rmps paging69

To invoke all entries in /etc/swapspaces file:
#swapon -a

To make available swap space paging69:
#swapon /dev/paging69

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