Sendmail tricks

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- How to add/edit email aliases:
This is useful when you have to send a report to many emails and you don't want to stress out too much the command line.
For example, you need to send email to, and

You open /etc/mail/aliases in your favorite editor and add the following line:

Save the file and execute the command newaliases (or sendmail -bi):

gzaix@root:/etc/mail # newaliases
WARNING: Group writable directory /var/spool
WARNING: Group writable directory /var/spool/mqueue
/etc/mail/aliases: 8 aliases, longest 121 bytes, 374 bytes total

Now your command line will be much simpler:
/some/ | mail -s "Reporting of the" [color=green]reporting[/color]

PS: this was done on AIX but it should work on all distributions.

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