MacOS: how to correct diskutil error snap_metadata_val object: invalid extentref_tree_oid

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I use Maintenance app to do some checks and cache cleanup from time to time. Today I got a message that my disk should be checked and repaired while in recovery.
So I did and I was surprised to find out this error while checking/repairing /: snap_metadata_val object: invalid extentref_tree_oid

Apparently this is related to local snapshots of time machine and one of them is in weird state indeed:

fmbpro:~ florian$ tmutil listlocalsnapshots / (dataless)

So I deleted the "dateless" snapshot:

fmbpro:~ florian$ tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2019-08-19-210124
Deleted local snapshot '2019-08-19-210124'
fmbpro:~ florian$ tmutil listlocalsnapshots /

Amazingly, the error was gone while checking/repairing the main drive.

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